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In the first case, we carry out daily lessons in small group every 15 days starting on the first Sunday of October and ending on the last Sunday of May

I live and work at the Center of Contemporary Pottery, which is located in Avramilia of the prefecture of Kavala. I share the same concerns with many people who visit our site for shorter or longer periods of time.

Our interests generally concern art and its expressions, but more specifically focus on pottery. We approach our space as an enormous experimental scene where we intimately touch the uniqueness of our art.

On this basis, daily courses on an annual basis as well as multi-day seminars are offered.

Our contact with students covers the need for communication and discussion on pottery issues. Young or less young, dynamic, full of dreams and ideas work with the clay and experiment with the form, the color, the glaze, but also with techniques of alternative baking in special ovens, testing their knowledge. The lessons are tailored to the students’ knowledge and interests.

In the second case, we organize multi-day seminars where small groups of professional and amateur potters are taught new techniques, evolve others already known to them, overcome problems and ultimately translate all these and adapt them to their personal expression, aesthetics and worldview.
All these are enriched and enhanced by the participants’ all-day long coexistence and contact.

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