TED – x Kavala 2016

TEDx  Kavala    5-3-2016

 2015/2016: these years literally belong to refugees. The war was launched by the West with the aim of robbing the resources in the countries of Middle East Asia. They created unprecedented waves of refugees who on boats or any other means and under the guidance of traffickers of human suffering, tried to cross oceans and seas to provide security to their families. The seas filled with human corpses of all ages. These are the years that thousands of people fled their homeland, trying in every way to cross the Mediterranean in search of safe areas in Europe.

Giorgos Vavatsis

Niobe Zarkada

Zozo Theodorou

Stratos Karakitsos

Sofia Kyrtazoglou

Triantaphyllos Papavassiliou

Iphigenia Tsirou



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©Kostas Karakitsos

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