Gallery “ALMA” PIRI PEIS 2015.

Piri Reis

During the 16th century, Piri Reis, an admiral and cartographer of the Ottoman fleet, mapped the entire Mediterranean and the Black Sea, that is to say, the entire water world of that era’s empire. He used a simple and unique touch with gentle colors and compasses like jewelry on his maps. His expression has profoundly influenced me. His work has led me to unpredictably pleasant paths, in my attempt to understand the way of thinking or even the mood and reflection of this pioneer.

As I transfer the sense of the colorful coastline of Piri Reis to the clay, in my turn I walk the line of stains and oxides. His mountains, castles, monasteries, trees and unique colorful compasses have now become a source of inspiration in the hands of the pottery maker. A colorful set of playful moods recreates images from the past, displaying them in the present. The creator’s personal details add their own stamp to the work, conveying a contemporary look, incorporating a new, personal expression.


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©Kostas Karakitsos

Created by Artaxia